Contest of scenario

CINE FAC & CINE QUA NON  are pleased to announce the winner of the 8th contest Scenario Nouveaux Cinemas in France :


directed by Ted Hardy-Carnac

The film will be produced by associations CINE FAC & CQN Prod.

See you on June 22th, 2012 for the opening of the 8th Festival Nouveaux Cinemas and the World Premiere of LIFEVER in Paris.

CINE FAC & WIZ CINE-ART is pleased to announce that the jury composed of the Ukrainian-French directors, writers and animators (Lubomir Hoseiko Igor Minaev, Natalia Ilchuk, Mariia Baraz, and Anatoly Lavrenishin Bogdana Smirnova) have designated the two winners of the screenplay contest Nouveaux Cinemas in Ukraine :