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Contest of scenario Announcement

Since 2005, in France every year The Festival Nouveaux Cinémas organizes a contest of scenario for French script writers.

The winner is produced by non-profite organization CINE FAC & CQN Prod and the film is showed during the Festival Nouveaux Cinémas in Paris.

Making Of 8th Nouveaux Cinemas Film Festival

Watch the making Of of the 8th edition of the Nouveaux Cinemas Film Festival

Nouveaux Cinemas Film Festival 2012 Making Of par CINE FAC


It is usually considered that the seventh year is the age of reason, and we cannot deny that in seven years of existence, the Festival des Nouveaux Cinemas acquired some maturity building a vision of a cinema always more innovative and exciting in order to satisfy our large and loyal audience. However, even if we have now reached this age of reason, the Festival des Nouveaux Cinemas is still animated by the same passion for new talents, for the endless possibilities of digital films and especially for the surprises that we are offered each year by all those who dare seizing these possibilities in order to create without boundaries.

In a time when freedom must be defended in many areas, digital cinema seems to be the best weapon to keep on inventing the world. We hope that this seventh edition of the Festival des Nouveaux Cinemas will again be a meeting place for all these movies so different and yet united in the digital revolution.

Philippe-Henry Honegger

Co-Director of the Festival des Nouveaux Cinémas